VOLO is that which defies rules.

VOLO is a way of life, a way of thinking expresses in visual imagery.

Over the years the term VOLO has been associated with cities, music bands, and software companies, but this word which is not defined in any English dictionary has become synonymous with a specific type of artistic nude photography centered around the depiction of unhindered human form.

Millions of references to #VOLO on social media refer to pictures and videos depicting the human form presented in the most beautiful way possible. VOLO Magazine, which was founded in 2012 in the San Francisco Bay, adopted this term to represent everything that they wanted artistic nude photography to be. Taking a tangential path from the then prevalent styles of nude photography made popular by magazines like Playboy, VOLO has become the mantra for artistic nude photography which did not play by the rules of the game. VOLO images are not limited in style to fine art black and white figure studies, nor are they overly erotic in nature.

The basic principle is the showcasing of the nude human form in a way where it blends with or compliments the environment and creates a sense of awe in the mind of the beholder as defined in the comprehensive definition of Nude Photography in VOLODaily.com

VOLO Art Gallery is the worlds largest and purest collection of nude art images which fit within the parameters defined above.