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Wesley Van Dinter

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Wesley Van Dinter

About Wesley Van Dinter

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I shot my first nudes in September 2008, and shooting nudes was a happy accident. My first semester as a teacher I had a student who had been a former nude model. She no longer posed, but she knew her way around the nude modeling sites and such, and pretty soon she was arranging photo shoots.

My goal is to capture the image in camera…to get what I’m after in camera, and use that. For my im- ages, there is very little difference between the initial photo and the finished image. I want the magic to happen in front of my camera not inside Photoshop.

I’ve never really believed in absolutes in photography, and that includes the school of thought that believes that artistic nudes are best in black and white. Every digital image starts out in color; some images work better in black and white, some in color. I like having the flexibility to make those decisions, and to go with what I think works best.

I’ve never really had a plan for my photography. I do it because it’s fun, and I enjoy that my friends and family like my pictures. I’m not following a road map, no stated goal, no predefined route. I read, experiment and have fun.

My mechanism for progress is curiosity and discovery. I, like many amateur photographers, suffer from “gear lust”, and each time I get something new, it motivates me to go out and try new things, to read up.

Reading and experimenting leads me to my next “thing”, or series of next “things”. I never know what the next “next” will be, and I have no plan for where the road should go. I don’t know what will happen with my photography, but I know that I’ll never be able to completely put down the camera.”
Find his work at wesfoto.com 

Find his work at modelmayhem.com/wesfoto