The ART of VOLO – I

The first official VOLO Magazine Photography Workshop

3 days of hands-on training, on location shoots, editing tricks & tips from the very best in the business...

Want to get your work published on VOLO Magazine?

Had your submissions refused in the past?

We have heard all your complaints and your requests and we have decided that in 2017 VOLO needs to do MORE than just SET the standards of great nude photography. We now take it upon ourselves to refine the skills of all those photographers out there who are passionate about nude photography, and would love to get over the LAST CLIFF towards the HORIZONS of PHOTOGRAPHIC GREATNESS!

Workshop Schedule

Dates and Details of the 3 days workshop

  • April 20th – Arrivals in Vegas
  • April 20th Evening – 8PM – Launch Party and Meeting
  • April 21 – 8:00 AM Death Valley Location Shoot
  • April 22 – 8:00 AM Colorado River / Red Rock Canyon Location Shoot
  • April 23 –  9:00 AM to 4:00PM – Natural Nudes Editing Class
  • April 23 – 5:00 PM – Departures

Quick Q & A

  1. How many total spots are available for this workshop?
    Twenty One (Yep and you need to be 21 and over to take part in it)
    Max 7 Students per instructor during all field trips. Lectures will be all together.
  2. Do you need to book your own hotel?
    Yes, but we are negotiating discounted rates with hotel partners and will update prices on this site in March
  3. Do you need to worry about your own sustenance at the outdoor locations?
    Yes and No. Bring proper clothing and shoes. We will bring food, drinks, assistants, models and of course the instructors
  4. Who are the models?
    We are VOLO. We have models… We are currently picking and choosing 4 of our favorite models for this workshop. Models will be added to this page as they get finalized.
  5. Do you get one-on-one shoots with the models?
    Not on our watch. This is a bona-fide workshop, not your personal photo-shoot. The models will be controlled by the instructors at all times. There will be no side-shoots after the main shoot because we need the models fresh and ready the next day. If you want to shoot any model who wants to stay back after Sunday or you want to skip the Sunday Editing Class to shoot a model, well it’s your choice 🙂
  6. Do you get a certificate and goodies?
    Yes, you get a certificate of completion of training from VOLO Magazine and get a full free year of portfolio hosting on the VOLO Network. Also you get to be first in line for publishing your ‘approved’ submissions on future issues of the magazine and in the VOLO Vault.
  7. Do you get better skills?
    Guaranteed. Think of this as going back to school. We have a very serious schedule and a very serious team and we are here to UPGRADE your skills
  8. Do you get to have fun?
    LOL. It’s Vegas!

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VOLO Magazine has managed to secure  3 dedicated days from 3 great artists in the world of nude photography to create a workshop so well structured, that you are guaranteed to walk away with the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to SHOOT and EDIT like a #VOLO pro right from your next shoot.

The Instructors

3 artists from varying genres of nude photography

Shankha Goswami

Shankha Goswami

Workshop Instructor - The Art of VOLO

The founder and publisher of VOLO Magazine, Shankha is a man of varied interest and a passion for photography and art. Shankha started shooting pictures mostly in the realm of fashion in his late teens and has shot for fashion magazines around the world. After founding VOLO, Shankha has become one of the pre-eminent voices defining the boundaries of tasteful nude photography and is the primary influencer behind the VOLO style of images.

Vassilis Pitoulis

Vassilis Pitoulis

Workshop Instructor -Fashion Nude

Worlds Top Black and White Nude Photographer of the Year 2016, Vassilis Pitoulis will be joining the VOLO Workshop as a guest lecturer. Vassilis will be visiting USA at the time and has agreed to donate his time to teach aspiring VOLO photographers the secrets of his incredible array of work.

Keith Selle

Keith Selle

Workshop Instructor - Alternative Nude

One of America's most published Tattoo photographer, Selle has been a regular contributor to VOLO Magazine with 2 cover editorials for VOLO Tattoo Art Editions. Selle has over 100 magazine covers to his credit and has shot over 1000 alternative models in his unmistakable glamour/grunge style.

Confirmed Models

Models who will be posing for the workshop

Melissa Lori

VOLO Magazine and VOLOGLAM Cover Girl Melissa Lori has confirmed her attendance for this event.