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VOLO #30 – October 2015 – The Hottest Selfie In The World

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VOLO is revamping its structure. We have been talking to our subscribers and we realize that a monthly magazine is not enough for our subscribers in the age of instant gratification.

We recently launched VOLOLIVE Snapchat Channel available only to paid all-access subscribers. Now we are hard at work creating a regular programming calendar for this channel so our readers and followers can now be part of more and more VOLO shoots and special events as- they-happen.

Also coming is a regular schedule of one new video or expanded content set every week, along with a constant stream of incredible imaged delivered through our VOLO.SOCIAL stream.

VOLO is entering a phase where we have a staff, an office and we are trying to put together a regular schedule of programming for you all. But we cannot do any of this without your support. Please make sure that you maintain your regular subscription and ask your friends to join in to become subscribers…

Give us just $6 a month and we will bring you the world! This issue has been carefully edited for content which is a potent mix of all types of nude photography that makes us different. If you like it let me know… if you want something we are missing, let me know…

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