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Vassilis Pitoulis

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Vassilis Pitoulis

About Vassilis Pitoulis

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Vassilis Pitoulis was born in Bologna Italy, where he spent the first 19 years of his life.

It was here when at the age of 14 he started to express an interest in photography by capturing scenery and experimenting with architectural photography. Soon he realized that his true passion was for portrait photography.

At the age of 19 after concluding his education in Italy, he moved to Paris, France. He studied Economics while simultaneously developing his natural talent by taking on several jobs in the Fashion photography field.

He then moved to Madrid, Spain for a decade further developing his entrepreneurial work and finally settling in Greece following the roots of his ancestral heritage.

Life’s circumstances had prevented him to pursue his true passion. During the past 8 years he returned to fully commit himself to the field of photography.

Now in the prime of his life, he has dedicated himself to the art of black and white photography, specializing in fine art nudes.”

Find his work at www.nudecanvass.com 

Find him on Instagram @vpitoulis

Order wall prints of his incredible photographs at www.voloart.gallery

Galleries and Videos by this photographer

VOLO 46 with Kate Ri in ‘First Mate’ by Vassilis Pitoulis

VOLO 46 with Kate Ri in ‘First Mate’ by Vassilis Pitoulis