Mika by Ingo Kremmel

Maintaining the integrity and quality level of VOLOART.Gallery is of the utmost importance to us. Every image or video selected to be part of this gallery has to meet the highest standards of photographic excellence + meet the standard of being VOLO. To achieve this goal, we have invited some of our most respected artists to join the board of curators.

Led by VOLO CEO, Ylevol Tam Nguyen, the curators panel will consist of some of the most incredible artists from around the world.

The Curators

  • Ylevol Nguyen

  • Ylevol Nguyen
  • Ylevol Nguyen is the CEO and Editor in Chief of VOLO Magazine. She is the primary driving force behind the curation of content for the magazine and defining what VOLO considers as true nude art.
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