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TH Taylor

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TH Taylor

About TH Taylor

“Hi VOLO Readers!

This should be a fun read for all,TH Taylor is one of America’s most impactful photographers in the world of glamour & nude art.

TH has created an unique stamp for himself in the photogaphy world and his style is unmistakably his.Above he is seen with his favorite muse Kelly, who is the cover model for VOLO #8 (this issue).

TH speaks “What can I say about myself… I’m a musician first (Classically trained opera baritone, Punk aficionado [If you get bored… Look up “The STANES” on Youtube] and currently playing in a honkytonk hybrid metal band called “The FuntreeCucks), photographer second, make-up artist third (I do about 90% of the make up in my shoots), stylist (a sad one at that) fourth.

Aspiring film maker fifth (look me up on kickstarter.com), amateur cook, sixth and most importantly, Rose Taylor’s favorite son (I don’t need anything more than the love of my mommy!) I was born in the Midwest (a “flat lander”) in a small town near Chicago called Free port and, my parents VERY liberal view towards the arts allowed me to freely express myself so, I was destined to do SOMETHING creative in it’s nature… I was hoping that it would be creatively RICH BUT… Photography stepped in and, I haven’t looked back since.

Anyway, I have found photography to be a really intriguing endeavor… I NEVER intended to be one professionally but, it literally CHOSE ME. With this in mind though: It’s taken me across this great nation many times, to Europe and the U.K for extended periods, and… It continues to be interesting as well as challenging everyday; I am honored and, feel lucky to have my work displayed in VOLO among some of the most talented shooters in the industry… Hopefully, they will actually have me back!