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VOLO MAGAZINE – The worlds #1 nude art photography magazine publishes the best nude art books on a regular basis. VOLO Magazines can be purchased in print on or from special bookstores around the world. Since 2012 VOLO Magazine has published over 60 issues featuring over 500 photographers on their pages.

How to get featured on VOLO Magazine?

 Are you a nude art photographer? Does your work have a large following on social media and you have a distinctive style that you believe has mass appeal? Well we would love to see your work. Click the button below to submit your work for Magazine consideration


Completely Automated Magazine Submission for VOLO Magazine

Why do you need to follow this process?

To make sure that your work can fit the taste, format and legal requirements of print magazine publication, it’s important that we get a variety of information from you. The images submitted also need to meet print quality requirements and you have sign online legal releases to allow us to use your content in print and digital formats for perpetuity.


VOLO is a labor of love. We love the beautiful female form and we are dedicated to provide a safe and beautiful outlet for liberated humans to express themselves through art. Looking for the best nude artists, well our social media channels are the best place to find them. Follow us at @volomag and @vologlam

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