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Sagar Manjarres

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Sagar Manjarres

About  Sagar Manjarres

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Sagar Manjarres is a professional photographer born and raised in Barcelona, currently living in Luxembourg and constantly traveling the world to create stories.

Always trying to re-discover the simplicity of photography, where mood and emotion are more important than complicated light setups or post processing.

Sagar’s style involves shooting only in natural light, all effects on camera and minimal editing… Helping him create the kind of chemistry needed to capture intimate moments with passion and care.

He always has only one simple concept in mind: to portray female beauty in a strong, intense and respectful way.

Sagar’s regular routing involves shooting for magazines, model agencies, designers and private client’s and combining it with a deep love for teaching photography workshops.

He is always trying to learn from the best, looking for inspiration everywhere and is happy to inspire others.”

Find him on Instagram @SAGARMANJARRES