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Roarie Yum

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Roarie Yum

About Roarie Yum

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Roarie Yum is difficult to sum up in words…but I will try. She is vibrant, energetic, intelligent, hilarious, adaptable… everything one could hope for in a model and fellow human being.

Although she hails from Florida, Roarie is not tied to any one place. Instead, she chooses to live on the road, moving from place to place as opportunities to create truly outstanding art present themselves.

As a result, she has traveled extensively and worked with an amazingly diverse and creative group of photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and fellow models. I want to be Roarie when I grow up.

In her own words: “I don’t have many cares as far as it goes to creating photographs. If I think it’s safe, I’ll climb a tree, hop a fence, contort myself, pose in the cold, pose with animals, play with fire, build weird sets, and roll around on the gravel. I’m not afraid of looking weird, of not being pretty. I’m young once, let me have bad ass pictures to remember it.”

Find her on Instagram @ROARIE.YUM

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