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Ricardo Chavez

By March 16, 2016 No Comments
Ricardo Chavez, Stefanie Cornell

About Ricardo Chavez

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I am Ricardo Chavez, a mexican physicist and photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.

I have an avid interest in fashion and fine art photography. I think there is no greater inspiration for artists than the female body, full of landscape, shapes and beauty.

This set belong to VOLO because it raises female beauty up to a point in which it can be appreciated in the same way by men and women.

This message is naturally enhanced by Stefanieís beautiful personality and body, which i think its timeless.

From my point of view female beauty appreciation changes every second, but I think this set shows the inner and outer beauty of a woman who is beautiful regardless of when and how the images are being appreciated.

The choice of this VOLO set to be in black and white is to add drama but also to enhance the inspiration and message described above.

This shoot its pure also in its execution, only model and photographer were present without any external inf luence.

The day of the shoot was challenging and also interesting because it was partially cloudy, so in some of the images it can be seen that only certain spots receive direct light from the sun and other places are more diffused.

This particular situation follows the natural ideas from the inspiration”.