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Renaud Lucas

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Renaud Lucas

About Renaud Lucas

“Hi VOLO Readers!

 I am Renaud Lucas. I have always thought that gaining experience does not make photography any easier, there is a case to be made that it actually is quite the opposite, but it undeniably makes photography more interesting.

That is my sentiment after shooting with models for the past two decades.

I am a Frenchman, born and raised in Paris (how boring!) I moved to Miami in my early twenties and I have not left since.

The opportunity to drop everything on any given day and go shoot on the beach is making it very difficult to leave South Florida, let alone go back to France.

My journey behind the camera has been far from a straight line, with a lot of wrong turns, a few right angles, and several unforgettable meetings.

I picked up the camera because of a woman (how typical!), I turned my focus to artistic nudes thanks to a couple of women (I see a recurring theme…) who took a chance on me and my ramshackle Nikon (or maybe they gave in to my relentless begging for them to shoot with me).

Fast-forward a decade later, (still in Miami!) I better grasp myself, I have a clearer vision (not on rainy days) and I gained better ability to capture it.

No need to define how or what I like to shoot with big and Webster-challenging words, a photograph can be interpreted a thousand different ways and I enjoy others subjectivity define my work.

Gun to my head (metaphorically-speaking) I would say that I am the spiritual son of Cary Grant and Oliver Hardy.

Beyond the fact that all three of us were born on January 18, we share a few more traits.

Cary Grant defined elegance, sometimes edgy, timelessly glamorous without ever taking himself seriously, while Hardy was hilariously self-deprecating, with an immense sense for comedic timing, and above all, he was incredibly generous in his performance.

The comparison with Oliver Hardy might give pause at first, (especially since I mainly shoot artistic nudes) but you will have to come shoot with me to see for yourself.

So see you in Miami! (because I am not going anywhere.)”

Find his work at WWW.RENAUDLUCAS.COM 

Find him on Instagram @RENAUDLUCAS

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Karolina Wozniak by Renaud Lucas

Karolina Wozniak by Renaud Lucas