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Peter Marosi

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Peter Marosi

About Peter Marosi

“Hi VOLO Readers!

My name is Peter Marosi. I live in the center of Europe in Budapest, Hungary. The woman you see in the picture on the facing page is my wife and mother of my kids Barbara. Don’t be jealous, I know I got lucky.

I have a beautiful family with 3 kids and a lovely wife and my mother. The first pictures I took was at age 10 was of a little bug in our garden with a film camera, and my mother guiding me.

She was a professional photographer who always supported my passion.10 years later I became a professional photographer. Hopefull I measure up to VOLO standards 🙂

Photography for me is so much more than just taking pictures. I like to catch the moments, the passion, the emotions, and the beautiful parts of the female body.

Since 2005, I have been doing artistic nude and glamour, boudoir photography as freelance in my country, concentrating on black and white light and shadow, rough and smooth, traditional and unexpected.”

Find his work  at  http://www.marosipeter.hu

Find his work  at  http://petermarosi.tumblr.com/archive

Find his work  at  https://500px.com/petermarosi