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Pascal Heimlicher

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Pascal Heimlicher

About Pascal  Heimlicher

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Pascal  Heimlicher was born in Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland. His entire life was always marked by a strong artistic vein, which he probably inherited from his grandfather.

He began writing books and painting when he was only a little boy, and later he came across photography and music production.

In this means of communication he finally found a way to communicate his thoughts and feeling to the world. “Photography gives us the possibility to capture a memorable moment for eternity.”

With a focus on professional photography, he founded his own limited company and the “native emotions photography” label in 2006; today he runs the Black-hat Studios with more than 500m2 space in the Zurich metropolitan area.

He is very popular internationally for his expressive works and publications in the domain of people photography, which are far beyond mainstream-oriented fare.

The extraordinary picture ideas and unfamiliar light ratios are his strength and his hallmark. His editorials and covers have been published in international magazines such as FHM, GQ, PRESTIGE, PICTURES, PHOTOGRAPHIE, INSTITUTE, SETTE, ATTIKA etc. and his clientele includes a big list of well-known companies around the world.

The human being and its body, a wonder of nature, a mysterious deity. No other creature on this planet has as many facets as the human being itself. Characterised by this fascination, Pascal tries to cast a spell over the beholder with his pictures.

Each furrow tells a story in the Tree of Life, each tear hides an unforgettable feeling within, each touch wants to say “I need you”.

One of his real fortes was to motivate other people never to give up their dreams and goals. “There is not one aim which cannot be achieved if you really want it!”

His workshops in the domain of professional photography and image processing are always fully booked within a short time. With his enthusiasm and passion, Pascal also enjoys motivating ambitious beginners – as they begin to create pictures of the highest level, he rids them of their fear and inhibitions right from the start.

“Never let yourself be limited! Create your own pictures with full passion and don’t try to do what others would have you do.” There are no secrets or unanswered questions in his workshops.

Pascal is happy to divulge his entire expertise as well as all of his tips and tricks and he does so in a way that is easy to understand even for novices. “Only when everyone is content and has understood everything, am I satisfied I have done my work properly” is his abiding mantra.

GQ states “His pictures are all about emotions, erotic, provocation, pleasure and joie de vivre.”


Find his work at http://www.pascalheimlicher.com

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