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Pablo Bilbao

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Pablo Bilbao

About Pablo Bilbao

“Hi VOLO Readers!

 I am Pablo Bilbao, a young Engineer from Spain.

When I was in university I used to escape the stressy routine by shooting analog portraits and landscapes.

After graduation I started traveling and I noticed how many inspiring places and people the world has.

Together with Rubia I met so many creative photographers and models that I got inspired to continue with photography and to explore more genres like Nude Art.

When I photograph I try to capture soulful and raw images. I like to explore amazing locations and portray authentic people in them.

I want to capture contemporary beauty. ‘Savage Morning’ is my first editorial for VOLO. I hope you’ll enjoy it, it was for sure an amazing memory that Rubia and I made together.”

Find his work at  pablobilbao.be 

Find him on Instagram @pablobilbaophoto