16 Dec

‘The 2017 Winter Issue’ – The last issue of 2017 and the end of another incredible year for the magazine. Many many changes coming in 2017, including bigger and thicker PRINT issues to be available every quarter, in place of every month.

Don’t worry subscribers, you will still have a steady stream of content coming to you weekly in the form of the now FORMIDABLE Volo Vault. We are releasing gorgeousness from around the world every week on the vault and that is what you subscribe to VOLO for.

This issue is headlined by one of our most favorite photographers of all time, James Ellingen. James is amazing in every way. A former Playboy photographer who took to shooting art a few year ago, James has an uncanny eye for innovative composition and his mastery of light is second to none.

9 incredible photo stories adorn this issue, an issues you should most certainly ALSO buy in print, as it will be something to treasure for many years to come.

Enjoy the issue.

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