15 Oct

VOLO is a labor of love. Me and my team spend countless hours poring over 1000’s of images to pick the few that make it into the pages of the magazine each month and this month’s VOLO 54 October 2017 issue is an exceptional collection from the Masters of the Craft.

180 pages of perfection. That is the only way to summarize this issue which showcases photographic creations by photographers who have had that incredible connection with their muse. The love is apparent in each and every image on the pages of this issue.

Leading the charge with the cover is one of the greatest black and white photographers in the world today, Vassilis Pitoulis is featured his 3rd cover for VOLO Magazine with the incredible Maria Demina. Jeremy Gibbs, who our publisher christened ‘the king of decay’ brings us a set with his latest muse Alice, while the worlds most accomplished Tattoo photographer Keith Selle shows us a new side of his infinite talent with California girl Carly.

Massimo Vecchi and Tim Bradshaw continue to amaze us with their photography with trademark style creations from Italy and Australia, while American Photographer and Master in the Making – James Felix gets his first published set in VOLO Magazine.

Roberto Manetta, Marco Millilo and Davide Ambroggio have created set’s specially for this issue which keep up with the masters and put them in elite company.

Enjoy it, love it, treasure it… This is VOLO 54.

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