15 Apr


with VOLO April 2017 Issue that features 6 brand new photographers!

Fashion is something very close to my heart and as editor of VOLOGLAM I spend quite some time looking into the latest in fashion trends from all over the world… But of  course VOLO fashion is different. How to make it fashionable when clothes are not allowed? Quite the dilemma we have here.

Well photography is such an art that it can conquer anything. We have tried to do our best putting together 10 editorials that showcase different facets of  fashion-nude photography, ending the issue with a body painted set by one of  our beloved female artists, Miriam Franco from Madrid.

However this issue is anchored by the incredible presence of  our cover model, the nordic beauty Eleonor Frostegård. The cover set was shot by another female photographer Alexandra Svensson. This is Alexandra’s debut on VOLO Magazine and we are super excited to add another top level femal photographer to our roster. Go Girls!!

Enjoy the issue and let me know your thoughts…



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