15 Jan

WELCOME to 2017

Hello everyone,

How is everyone doing so far this year? My name is Ylevol and I am the new Editor in Chief for VOLO Magazine.

While this is my firs issue as editor, I am not new to VOLO as I have been the long time inspiration and partner of VOLO founder Shankha. While VOLO Magazine has been successful in creating a worldwide movement around nude photography, I felt that it still misses a final touch and finesse that I hope to instill with my background in fashion and styling.

Now VOLO is an all female team when it comes to the art and decision making part of it. While Shankha remains with us a publisher and chairman, he will no longer be making everyday decisions or picking the sets, the aesthetics and layout of the magazine.

One of the major changes I plan to bring about in VOLO is to remove all the hypocricies and surface level rules. Why is there a rule to NOT publish pictures with open legs? And why won’t we accept IMPLIED nudes? Both these rules go away, effective immediately and the websites will be updated soon to reflect this change. Expect changes in VOLO, but don’t think the essence will change.

We all believe in one thing, that women are the most beautiful creation of God, and the primary aim of this magazine is to collect, showcase and continuously redefine the age old rules that define the world of fine art nude photography.

Enjoy the issue,

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