15 Dec



VOLO December 2016 Issue is almost over and this is the last (regular) issue of the magazine for the year… Did you expect snow covered mountains and nude models being tortured on icy slopes? LOL – Well you should know better by now. We are VOLO and we will never do what is expected!

We wanted to end the year with an issue filled with beauty. Beauty of our mother planet combined with the beauty of its most ethereal residents (women of course). So we decided to create our 2016 ‘scapes’ issue and to make sure we could capture women nude in nature without the torture of snow covered slopes we did what was obvious to us… Go where there is Summer in Winter! Enjoy a special section of outdoor nudes shot in Australia just to cap off an incredible year.

What else is new?

Well VOLOVAULT.COM and VOLOART.GALLERY is where it is folks. We know many of you love to have issues of magazines stored in your hard drives, but ask yourself how many times you actually go back to these PDF copies and look through them to enjoy the art. By mid 2017 every worthy set from every past issue of VOLO will be included as a gallery on VOLOVAULT and the best of the best images will be showcased on VOLOART.GALLERY, available for vieweing to members whenever you want, wherever you are, instantly! No need to flip through thousands of pages in PDF documents to find that incredible shot you loved so much.

We are also improving our indexing to allow google to find images directly inside the VOLOVAULT library, so it will super easy to get to images created by your favorite models and photographers.
All that and more… Coming in 2017. It’s going to be a good year.

Till next time, stay VOLO.

Enjoy the issue,

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