16 Apr

Hello VOLO people,

Hope you are all in good mood and high spirits as you are about to enjoy and admire another issue of VOLO.

As I finalize this issue of VOLO Magazine, I finally see clear skies in San Francisco and temperaturs are finally allowing us to go out without heavy jackets… That is the signal that summer is finally approaching and along with it will come a barrage of content from the VOLO studios, videos, live streams and social posts. Stay tuned on our Instagram account @volomagazine to make sure you don’t miss anything!

This is our Colors of Art issue, which follows one of the most incredible black and white issues we have ever produced. VOLO 35 raised the bar, even by VOLO standards and we had to look far and look hard and break a lot of hearts to finally select the 170 pages that you have started enjoying in this issue.

One of the things we do need your help with… Please do not share the PDF’s you download from here publicly. Legally we can go after you but that is not the VOLO way. We had to turn password locks back on PDF’s because many of you started sharing your PDF voluntarily or involuntarily on free file sharing sites. These sites NOT ONLY hurt us, but they always attach trojans and viruses to the download attachments and infect the computers of the people who are trying to save enough to buy a cup of coffee while stealing Art.

Yes! Thats all it takes to support VOLO and keep us growing and getting better work for you. $5.99 a month (A Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino) is all you need to sacrifice to make sure we can keep on bringing this level of incredible art to you.

To support the incredible amount of concurrent PDF downloads from our readers, we had to upgrade our cloud architecture. It literally costs an arm and a leg to keep VOLODaily.com running, so please help us and keep your subscription going… And yes, please don’t share those PDF’s.

Till next time, stay VOLO.


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