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Olaf Pitzer

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Olaf Pitzer

About Olaf Pitzer

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Olaf Pitzer was named ‘Germany’s Best Nude Art Photographer’ in 2012.

A self taught photographer. Olaf started his work in the field of motorsports and shot many rallys and races as he grew in his career.

In 2008 he turned his attention towards shooting people or ‘humans’
as he says it.

Olaf practices a full range of photographic services including beauty,fashion, portrait and his speciality, the photography of the nude body.

His artistic work has been published in many magazines, posters, calendars and other media boards. Olaf also teaches photography through his workshops and seminars where he shares his unique ideas with inquisitive participants.”

Find his work at www.olafpitzer.com