Transform the blank space on your walls with stunning framed-art from the world’s largest nude photography collection. Choose from thousands of nude-art pieces created specifically for your state of the art digital frame like Meural Canvas / Samsung Frame or the Depict Canvas.

The curation team at VOLO delves into the worlds largest collection of photographic nude art, to bring you the most artistic, thought provoking, conversation starting, attitude defining pieces for your wall.

Nude Art for Meural Canvas
Find Nude Art for your Meural Canvas

The Meural Canvas is incredible. On paper it may seem like just another digital frame… But we at VOLO Art Gallery are in love with this product.

When mounted properly, the Meural Canvas looks just like a regular frame on your wall, showcasing incredible art displayed in such great detail that you can see each brush stroke on a painting and each hair on photography subjects.

The Meural Canvas also opens up an incredible possibility for showcasing beautiful, controversial, conversation starting art on your walls…

VOLO Nude Art for your Samsung Frame
Find Art for your Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame is great TV… And when you put the intricate looking wooden frame around it and mount it in with a ‘in-wall’ connectivity, it does an ok job of showing of your digital art collection.

The form factor of the Samsung Frame lends itself to wide images and it shines when used in a dimly lit room – standing out bright and clear. However, it would do well with upgrades like a light absorbing matte screen and automatic dimming based on ambient light. We can’t wait for Samsung to make this product even better.

Tanja on the Crypt by Basket Buns - VOLO Nude Art for the Meural Canvas
Perry Julien - The Pink Plunge - VOLO Nude Art for Samsung Frame TV
Nature Goddess - The Magdala - Nude Art for Meural Canvas

We all want to showcase incredible nude art on our walls. It’s built into our nature to admire the nude human form presented tasteful. Humankind has professed art in the form of the nude human form since the beginning of history. Our museums are filled with paintings and sculptures of nude female (and male) forms. However, our modern sense of civility – battered by an onslaught of pornographic and lewd images – has made us shy away from showcasing true art on our walls…

With the advent of high quality digital canvas products, led by Meural, Depict and Samsung Frame (needs to be upgraded) – this is about to change. Now you can showcase the art you want to see, the art that shows of your bold taste and true lifestyle… And you can showcase it at the right moments, without having to worry about nude art hanging on your walls when your in-laws are visiting or when friends come in with kids.

Now you can decide when your walls are bold, and when they are contemporary and boring. You decide, at the flick of a finger through the Meural App (and other apps for the respective canvases).

While the Meural App Library cannot and will not showcase a large collection of nude art, VOLO Magazine has taken it upon ourselves to bring incredible nude art from photographers around the world directly to you. You can purchase pieces of art, and download them to your phone to be uploaded to the Meural App. Once uploaded, you can change your canvas in a second to showcase the art you think fits the mood of the moment.

Welcome to the liberation of nude art in the digital age.

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