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Miss Miranda

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Miss Miranda

About Miss Miranda

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Miss Miranda was born and raised in London. She recently relocated to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2015.

The great, great, great niece of J.M. Barrie – the author of Peter Pan – Miranda graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design.

She has been a creative soul her entire life. Fascinated since childhood with theater and costuming (deeply encouraged by her granny – an actress in the 30s and 40s) she trained in dance and musical theater throughout her early years and teens, and was instantly drawn to the newly emerging neo burlesque scene in London in 2003.

Being surrounded by the bohemian, feminist and gender fluid world of burlesque provided the loner outcast teenager with a place to feel valued, understood and finally – empowered.

Miranda was spotted on stage and asked to model in catwalk showcases at infamous London fetish club Torture Garden where she discovered her love for latex and fetish culture.

Invited to model for many of the top fetish designers in the scene, Miranda was soon doing photo shoots regularly.

Being on set felt like an extension of her performance persona, and she was drawn to shoots where she had the creative freedom to work collaboratively with photographers to create unique shoot concepts, fighting the preconception of the model being seen as a passive subject.”

Find her on Instagram @_MISSMIRANDA