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Miko Laube

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Miko Kepko

About Miko Kepko

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Photographer Miko Kepko (formerly Miko Laube) is a published, photographer in fashion, beauty, glamour and art nude.

Her glamour work has been featured on the cover of Innocent Magazine as well as in Icing, Fuse, Arsenic, Koncept, SXY, NIF, Femme Exposure and Snap Matter.

She has published in over 25 print, digital and online magazines between 2013 – present, not including her own: Gleam Magazine.

She brings a unique perspective as a woman to glamour photography. She takes her vivid imagination to the great outdoors where she creates a trusting relationship with her models to share a fantasy with that she captures in her lens.

She tries not to be influenced by other photographer’s work, but is frequently inspired by fine art, movies and music.”