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Michelle Amara

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Michelle Amara

About Michelle Amara

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I am Michelle Amara. I’m a model, athlete, and former fitness competitor based in Orange County, California. I have been modeling for about six years now and it is one of my dearest passions.

My motivation to get started in modeling came from an inner drive to create art by using the body that I embrace and the natural ability I possess.

Not only did it become a part-time career all these years but more importantly my work has captivated, inspired and empowered many others.

What I love most about modeling, besides the connection I get from the viewers; is that feeling I get when I am in front of the camera.

In those moments there is this raw openness, vulnerability, pure passion and freedom of expression really pours out. This is what keeps me doing what I do best.

Enjoy my VOLO shoot with Anthony, he is amazing!”

Find her on Facebook www.facebook.com/modelmichelleamara

Find her work on www.michelle-amara-model.tumblr.com

Find her on Instagram @mjacot5