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Michael Cinquino

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Michael Cinquino

About Michael Cinquino

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Michael Cinquino is a photographer and film director based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a BA from DeSales University and an MFA from Rutgers University.

Michael specializes in portraits and fashion and continues to work in both the film and digital mediums. He takes and inside-out approach to his work rather than a strictly visual one.

Michael’s photography has been published in numerous publications worldwide.

His client’s include brands like L’Oreal, Rolando Santana, FoundersCard, Wooster & Prince, Malo, Sunbury Textiles & IFPMA etc.”

Find his work at www.michaelcinquino.com

Find his work at michaelcinquino.tumblr.com

Find him on Facebook www.facebook.com/michaelcinquinophotography

FInd him on Twitter @michaelcinquino