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About Maya

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Born and raised in India, and a very outgoing person Maya  loves adventures of all kinds. If there is a challenge to be had, you can always find Maya picking up the mantle.

“Modeling is my passion” she says… “My mantra for life is ‘do the things you love’, and I love modeling (ummm….especially nudes), making my way to the top.

My goal is to be recognized by all and at the end of the tunnel all that matters is fame. I feel very comfortable with my body even on camera or off camera its all same to me, doesn’t make any difference.

It doesn’t matter to me what people say or think about me being Indian and doing nudes (considered a sort of taboo in my country), maybe they just need to be open-minded.”

 Find her work on http://www.mysteriousmaya.com

Shankha states:

“Maya is the only Indian model, who was born and brought up  in India, who I have seen to be so comfortable in her own skin.

India a country where the Kama Sutra originated is still a culture of ‘under the sheets’ where open admission or display of sexual freedom is considered to be a strict no-no, needs more women like Maya to break through and bring out the Indian woman to the liberation that the 20th century has provide to the the rest of the developed World.

She is going to be one of my favorite models to shoot forever.

Shankha is the CEO and Publisher of VOLO Magazine and also manages multiple other publications.”

See more of Shankha’s Work at http://www.shankhadreams.com


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