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VOLO Magazine is equivocally accepted as the worlds #1 publication showcasing the best in nude photography in the world today. With a library of over 50,000 images from over 500 photographers, VOLO magazine’s image Vault (VOLO VAULT) is the largest and ever growing collection of art nude photography.


VOLO Magazine is unequivocally accepted as the worlds premier nude photography magazine.

The #VOLO definition of nude photography differs from most traditional definitions of fine art photography. VOLO which means ‘Flight’  represents  freedom from norms, rules and pre-set definitions when it comes to the world of nude photography. For us the definition of nude art rests on the feel of the images and the representation of the nude body as a thing of beauty and power.

VOLO Magazine has featured 500+ artists on its pages since its inception in 2012. We have also created the largest community of artists and models who are focused on nude photography and nude art as their primary passion. Passionate people make incredible art and VOLO magazine helps photographers by providing clear direction and constructing criticism of their work to promote the cause of artistic nude photography around the globe.

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We chronicle and capture the progress of nude photography along with news, happenings, stories and interesting features from all around for the #VOLO world

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