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Alexxa Black, LEA

About LEA

“Hi VOLO Readers!

LEA is a lover, dreamer and a passionate Canadian female photographer living in the USA.

LEA believes in beauty in all forms, She says “My interest in photography was discovered by my dad at the age of eight when he developed the photos I took with his old Zenit.

Later on in my teenage years, I found myself competing and wining in photo contests; but like many others, I followed the path of reason and became an engineer. But deep inside I never let go the passion for photography. So I continued to grow by taking photography courses to improve my techniques. Finally, I came to realize that I have to listen to my inner voice and do what I am passionate about.

I know hard work goes a long way, and I am here to create.

To me, photography is the way to communicate and express feelings. It is to capture moments that shall not be forgotten.

It is to explore the fragments of life in these moments of dissemination, of movement and moving. I am mesmerized by the power of light, and I try using it to imprint the world I see into art.”

Find her work at http://thebarenakedcamera.tumblr.com/