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L Ramachandran

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L Ramachandran

About L Ramachandran

“Hi VOLO Readers!

L Ramachandran was born in 1979 in India. He is a self taught photographer who has huge passion towards photography and arts. Who has won various awards for photography and exhibited his work in famous art galleries all over the world.

He started doing Photography for commercial purpose, but once he found his deep passion and connection towards nature and it’s beauty he decided to explore capturing beautiful form of women along with nature. He became the first Indian photographer to shoot for Playboy.

L Ramachandran says “Before I start a shoot I always make sure my model is comfortable. It makes me very proud that my models trust me so much. because without trust and good rapport it’s hard to get best results.”

Ramachandran sees beautiful the form of a goddess in every women who poses in-front of his camera. He believes his passion and respect towards nude art always brings complete beings through his images.”

Find him on Instagram  @lramachandran

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Anna Vasiunkina by L.Ramachandran

Anna Vasiunkina by L.Ramachandran