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Kyle Cong

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Tyna, Kyle

About Kyle Cong

“Hi VOLO Readers!

My name is Kyle, “I’m a editorial style photographer based in Vancouver Canada. 

I’m specialized in shooting portraits on location with my studio strobe lights.

I like fine tuning my lights to make them blend in with the ambient so my subject get lighted naturally and beautifully.

I used various light modifiers, shooting with multiple light sources and always trying to capture different mood and expression of my model.

All these things help me to keep my each session unique and fresh. I have been an avid photographer since purchasing my first DSLR 10 years ago.

I began learning about portrait photography and have been passionate about it ever since.

For me portrait photography has always been challenging, rewarding and most importantly fun.

Find him on Instagram  @KYLECONGPHOTO

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