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Kimberly Jay

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Kimberly Jay

About Kimberly Jay

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Her name is Kimberly Jay, a freelance traveling model from New Jersey. She has been modeling for twelve years and prides herself in versatility, drawing inspiration from eclectic influences such as Roman/Greek artwork and the drag community.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder since she was young, modeling/photography has given her the opportunity and confidence to get over her fears by channeling them through her passion for art.

When she’s in front of the camera she emotes strength and fearlessness, whatever genre she’s shooting… whatever pose she’s doing… She put every ounce of herself into it and uses her photos to show people that they can be whoever they want to be and accomplish their dreams.

She has traveled to multiple countries and has experienced incredible things including how fine art translates in different cultures.

She will be touring the states this year and is continuously looking to create more fascinating and unique images.”

Find Her on Instagram @MODELKIMJAY

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