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John Raphel

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John Raphel

About John Raphel

“Hi VOLO Readers!

John Raphel is a portrait and editorial photographer based in Central New Jersey.

John was first exposed to photography as a child. His father, an amateur photographer, processed his own film in the basement darkroom of their home.

Despite this fact, it wasn’t until John traveled to the battlefields of Gettyburg, and to Hawaii as an adult, that his passion for landscape photography really took hold.

After shooting landscapes for about a year, John was inspired to try portrait photography after seeing the work of artists such as Josh Wool, Victoria Will and Lee Jeffries.

Entirely self taught, John has been taking portraits and shooting editorials for 3 years now and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. John likes to work with local alternative models and his style can be described as Soft Beauty.

He shoots on location and also has a small studio for shoots that require more intricate lighting. In his spare time, John likes to ride his motorcycles, spend time with his lady, and volunteer his photography services to a local Doberman Pinscher rescue group.

He currently has two rescue dogs, Kito and Leah, and plans to foster and adopt more homeless dogs in the future.”


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‘The Moods of Hattie’ a Serene Nude Story by John Raphel

‘The Moods of Hattie’ a Serene Nude Story by John Raphel