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About Johannie

“Hi VOLO Readers!

There are many faces in the alternative modeling industry but none as vibrant and unique as this brunette beauty; Johannie has made her mark in the alternative modeling industry by staying true to her style and creativity.

With over 8 years under her belt, she has successfully produced precise imagery in various photographic genres, including but not limited to: commercial,glamour,fashion and erotic nudity.

She is best known for her powerful sex appeal and facial expressiveness but is most sought after for her ability to elegantly dance her way into a pose with every “click” of a camera.

2 years ago, Johannie made the decision to incorporate herself into a “LLC” by touring the U.S and internationally while working alongside many talented photographers and artists. When asked what her ultimate goals are as a model.

She says: “My purpose in life is to not have end goals but to live each moment by doing things that make me happy.

Right now, having the opportunity to get paid doing what I love without anyone else’s help is the best goal I could have ever achieved.

When I decided to quit my dead-end retail job to pursue my talent as a model, I didn’t realize how successful my business routine would become.

It requires a lot of time,effort,patience and perseverance but in the end it is totally worth it.”

Johannie has appeared in various publications including Inked Magazine, Inked Girls Magazine, Tattoo Envy, VOLO, Rabid and several internet zines.

She also has involved herself in numerous indie music videos for hip-hop and rock artists, and has also participated as an advertisement model and human canvas for Spike TV’s “Ink Master”.