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Jim Hesterman

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Jim Hesterman

About Jim Hesterman

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I am Jim Hesterman, My art career began early with crayons and paper and my mother’s support. She taught me about light and shadow and how to perceive the direction of light based on how shadows fall across objects.

By adolescence, the robots and monsters I created on paper slowly morphed into individuals that I admired and found beautiful.

I’m a big fan of the punk rock scene, finding its gritty edginess, style and sound, artistically appealing.

In the early 2000s, I began shooting punk bands, and while my shots didnít give any indication of a future photographer, I fell in love with the medium.

I think I hit my mark as an artist when I moved from drawingóthe simple rendering of a likeness–to photography which required a more cerebral approach in capturing personality, attitude, and emotion. The art form became more contextual and immediate.

My portrait compositions are usually sparse. I am more interested in capturing a nuanced slice of life than telling a complex story.

I think the dominance of line, accentuated by dramatic contrasts of light and shadow, expressively reveals the uniqueness of individual form and personality in the process, the glimmer of attitude and emotion are also captured.”

Find his work at:www.jimhesterman.com

Find him on Twitter @jimhestermanphotography

Find him on Facebook www.facebook.com/jimhestermanphotography

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Supper with Madison – The Volo Video by Jim Hesterman

Supper with Madison – The Volo Video by Jim Hesterman