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Javier Cuevas

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Javier Cuevas

About Javier Cuevas

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I’m Javier Cuevas a freelance photographer and penciller based in Madrid, Spain.

I started drawing when I was a kid. Although I was drawn to photography too, I just took photographies for myself for years when I was travelling around the world.

3 Years ago that changed. I wanted to create my own photographic references to be pencilled later, so I contacted several models and I started to work with them.

That process lead me to another level: Photography grew up rapidly inside me as a main and big entity. My interest on it have been growing up more and more until the present moment.

I think about photography almost all the time: new ways to work, new aspects to be found, new people to work with. Creation and creative mood live with me 24/7.

I’m still drawing but I put my focus now on photography: beauty, a pet, a smile, a gaze…the dawn light reflected on a building…your muse can be anywhere!

I have been working lately with natural light, nude, and erotic photography.I think the human body is amazing. Also the human soul: the passion, the energy. It’s incredible all that beauty!

I really love to collaborate with models, stylist, mua/hairdressers. There´s a special feeling about creating something as a team.

I’m usually very selective about models. I need to feel a special link, something great and amazing inside them and I.

If you want to share something special you need to find it before inside you, and that special gift is what you feel working with your model and team. They are the cornerstone you need. It’s not only about having a good body. Soul, gaze, elegance and feeling must shine.

You have to reach all that and push the button. That’s the feeling I want to share.”

Find him on Instagram @JAVIERCUEVASART

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