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James Ellingen

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About James Ellingen

“Hi VOLO Readers!

My name is James, “My passion for photography developed by accident.

Growing up I loved comic books, so after high school I went to art school to become a cartoonist.

But I couldn’t figure out how to draw women, so I took an intro to photography class and only intended on learning the basics so I could continue to work on my drawing.

I first started photographing female friends of mine and I really loved capturing the female form and got excited to try lighting and shadowing and coming up with unique shapes and dynamic poses.

I was hooked! Artistic nude photography is where I started, and in 2002 I went full force into glamour, shooting for a local magazine.

I would usually try to do little Artistic projects on the side but, in the past year I have really focused on artistic nudes again.

I have moved around a lot over the last 10 years, always looking for new places to create my images.

20 years of photography, through many ups and downs in my life, art has always been the one thing that has kept me going.

Other than that I enjoy movies, especially those based off comic books, even though they almost always ruin the actual story line.”

Find him on Instagram  @JAMESELLINGEN

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VOLO 47 with Kitty Danielle in ‘Kitty’ by James Ellingen

VOLO 47 with Kitty Danielle in ‘Kitty’ by James Ellingen