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Jacques Rattaz

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Jacques Rattaz

About Jacques Rattaz

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I’m Jacques Rattaz, an associate photographer, teacher and manager of ETAP Sàrl (Technical school and photography agency based in Gland, Switzerland).

Mainly in charge of the fashion and studio photography part of the school activities. When I was 13 years old, my father gave me his Canon F1 (that I still have)and at the same time, I had the opportunity to enroll into a photolab course at school.All the necessary things came together to create this passion!

For the technical point of view… I mainly learnt by myself, reading monthly magazines, buying some books and practicing a lot, trying to break the rules.

I also bought a lot of photographer’s books and, for each photograph, I always tried to define what I liked or disliked, even for the pictures of my favorite photographers (Jean-Loup Sieff, Lucien Clergue, Steve Mc Curry, Helmut Newton are the main ones).

I like the contact with people, I don’t easily find inspiration in front of a landscape. As in front of an apple, two lemons and some nuts on a wooden table… I have difficulties to exchange opinions with them 🙂 Of course sometimes I have to do these kind of shots in order to illustrate our courses or to demonstrate to our students.

The main asset of a people photographer are his models and I like giving them freedom without dictating the position of each of their fingers.

Too much direction breaks the natural expression. I prefer a rough picture that expresses a feeling, an atmosphere communicated to the reader of the image, than a perfect photograph meaningless and without emotion.

For me, to be successful in boudoir or art nude photography, the main point is the photographer’s behavior and the full respect of the model. It’s awesome what you can get from a model once she trusts you!”

Find his work at http://artnude.glamboudoir.ch