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Hannes Caspar

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Hannes Caspar

About Hannes Caspar

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Hannes Caspar was born in 1979 in Berlin, Germany.

Today Hannes is one of Europes top professional photographers known for his work with movie and tv stars and portrait sets. He is considered one of the best in this class of photography.

Though he specializes in portrait and fashion in the commercial world, his true love is the photography of nude subjects to create incredible and impact full images.

At the center of his work is the human form. What is very fascinating in his pictures is that the aura of a person is visible without too much special effects.

Often, the small details tell the story. Most times he works very pure – only the camera, daylight, he and his model. But his pictures are not only simple.. But like every great photographer, they tell a story.

You can connect to the model you see in the pictures. All of his work has a very distinct handwriting and is very unique. He is a real artist who stays true to the original art of photography without photo-shopping.

VOLO Magazine has been following Hannes’ work for long time and we are real fans of his style here at VOLO. He is a very accessible and cool photographer and loves his work more than he loves himself. His view on his work is easy and clear.

In our view his pictures are so special because he is very curious and always wants to experiment with new things. With his charm he gets a view on the souls of his models and shares this vision with the observers of his art.

A lot of his work is analog and this makes him very unique too. Because the tonal value, colors and the deep is special in analog pictures.

You can process digital pictures to come close to film, but its never 100 % – film photography is special and singular. He loves to work with a mix from all, digital and some different analog cameras.”

Find him on Facebook  www.facebook.com/caspar.photography