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Guilo Gianpellegrini

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Guilo Gianpellegrini

About Guilo Gianpellegrini

“Hi VOLO Readers!

 I am Guilo Gianpellegrini. I discovered my love for photography when I was seven, this passion became my job ten years later.

I love to work under natural light, working with nature, architecture, mixing feminine sensuality and fashion in order to produce eroticized yet gracious images.

I have collaborated with Vogue Italy on about four projects and I have been working with prestigious, charming and ground-breaking people, luxury hotels and companies.

When I discovered the location portrayed in these pictures, (Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia), I immediately felt the need to work on a photo shoot with my favorite Muse, so we spent a breathtaking day in this paradise trying to show the feminine beauty in contrast with such a dramatic extraordinary landscape.””

Find his work on picsandpixels.com.au 

Find him on Instagram @picsandpixels

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