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Felix Karellen

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Felix Karellen

About  Felix Karellen

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Nashville-born photographer Felix Karellen grew up in the midst of a city known for musical talent, yet when he heeded the siren call of creativity in 2014 he knew his path lay in the visual medium of photography.

Beginning with only a point-and-shoot camera, a homemade lighting rig and his wife as his sole model, he began to teach himself the technical aspects of composing, capturing and editing photographs whilst simultaneously exploring the myriad nuances of the collaborative creative process which would help him begin to realize his aspirations of creating beautiful and evocative images.

His goals are simple, yet complex: to craft aesthetically pleasing photographs which marry technical skill with emotional impact. ‘

To that end, he is a firm believer in the organic evolution of a shoot from conception to execution to finished product.

With the creative use of available space, light and environmental elements, as well as a love of less-than-typical camera angles, Felix Karellen’a shooting style can be described as dynamic and highly versatile.

He brings humor, energy and just a bit of eccentricity into each session resulting in a fun and creative atmosphere in which ideas are exchanged and art evolves both logically and naturally.

Working with both local and travelling models, he has developed a reputation for his enthusiasm as well as his professionalism and is recommended frequently as a photographer who is a joy to work with.

When not behind the camera, Felix enjoys amusing cat videos, philosophical debates on salsa vs. picante and playing video games.”

Find his work at felixkphotography.com 

Find him on Instagram @FELIXKPHOTOGRAPHY

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‘Behind Barbed Wires’ by Felix Karellen featuring Theresa Manchester

‘Behind Barbed Wires’ by Felix Karellen featuring Theresa Manchester