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Erin Elizabeth Kelly

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Erin Elizabeth Kelly

About Erin Elizabeth Kelly

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Erin Elizabeth Kelly is an Irish born female photographer of fashion and erotica.

Completely self taught, Erin has only been working as a professional photographer for the past 2 years shooting with models such as Ellis Cooper, Lauren WK & Juchi.

Still only in her early twenties, Erin’s work has been recognized by highly acclaimed photographers including Rankin and Tony Kelly! Her work has been steadily acknowledged by publications such as Hunger, Acclaim Magazine & Juxtapose describing her work as “strangely seductive” and “just as appealing and erotic as they are bizarre. Pushing the limits of smut, lust, sexuality and palette, her vampy portfolio has a wide array of super-saturated seduction.”

Working between Ireland & the UK, Erin shoots mainly in London and the Northern Irish capital of Belfast. Shooting fashion, erotic commissions and glamour shoots she is always surrounded and inspired by the female form.

Erin is not only a photographer but an artist, selling her photographic prints worldwide – her famous “Pussy” print is a sell-out!

Inspired by the emotion of women; Erin say’s that sexuality, love and power play a major role in her work producing erotica that is highly feminine and raw. She continues to be inspired by women showcasing this through her own journey as one.”

Find her work at www.erinelizabethkelly.com

Find her work at  www.erinelizabethkelly.tumblr.com

Find her on Facebook www.facebook.com/erinelizabethkellyphotography

Find her on Twitter www.twitter.com/eekrotica