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Edward kolton

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Edward kolton

About Edward kolton

“Hi VOLO Readers!

 I am Edward kolton. I’ve been doing photography nearly 15 years, and have a strong preference to all sorts of modeling, usually the more artistic the better.

The model should be the center of attention, but framed within an eye appealing, photogenic surrounding. I don’t favor the simple “girl on a sunset beach” type shoot, as pretty as they can be, they are overused.

I’ve always drawn inspiration from European artistry (likely due to my Polish back round). Between the priceless visual beauty of landscape, architecture, and the genetic purity of European women, there’s lots to be inspired about.

I prefer to use Nikon and Paul C Buff equipment, love natural lighting anytime I can use it, but have a garage full of lighting gear (just in case). Meeting new faces and traveling the globe to photograph for work, isn’t a bad rap!

So in closing, here’s to the beautiful women of the world, bare and brave, to show us the reason we live to love, and love to live. Thank you!”

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Cabin Fever – A VOLO 34 Series by Edward Kolton

Cabin Fever – A VOLO 34 Series by Edward Kolton