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Denisa Strakova

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Denisa Strakova

About Denisa Strakova

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Denisa Strakova was born in a small country in the heart of Europe. She lives in Prague, but the last year, she says, all of Europe was her home.

Denisa works full-time as a model, so her work is her hobby and passion. If you asked Denisa what is required for a photo shoot, so she will always respond that the most important thing in photography is to be in a good mood and always be smiling.

Denisa Strakova works hard for her perfect shaped body and for the job as a model in fashion and art-nude it is absolutely necessary.

She knows that it will not be forever and her dream is to open a fashion store, after her modeling career comes to an end.

She believes that she has a few more years left as a successful model and is looking forward to creating more art for VOLO in the new future.”

Find her work on www.denisastrakova.com |