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Danny Florer

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Danny Florer

About Danny Florer

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danny Florer was first introduced to disposable cameras at an early age in life. Always putting things in frame taught him basic fundamentals of how cameras function and work.

That early experimentation carried over as an adult, as he always saw things from a different perspective, not just in framing, but in the real world. Different, is what motivated him to shoot something no one has ever seen before.

Never interested in basic studio shoots, Daniel was always looking for unique and interesting backdrops in the Los Angeles area.

Anything that made the story more unique and vibrant and different in its own. Because he draws his own inspiration from past life experiences, that allows him to have a different point of view from a lens.

All of his work comes from a different experience at a different point of his life. What you might see as just a normal photo, might have meaning beyond words, deeper than what the viewer sees.

A picture doesn’t always have a thousand words. Sometimes it carries none. Finding beauty and inspiration in women, the world, individuals, even sex, Daniel portrays his love for photos in his work.”

Find him on Instagram @DFVFX

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VOLO 45 with Cecilia Paige in ‘Edge of the World’ by Daniel Flores

VOLO 45 with Cecilia Paige in ‘Edge of the World’ by Daniel Flores