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Danica Fredricks

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Danica Fredricks

About Danica Fedricks

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Danica Fredricks is a full-time model based out of Denver, Colorado.

She was born and raised overseas, and loves to travel. Having lived in exotic locations such as Indonesia and Dubai, and also having traveled to other distant countries, she has experienced many cultures.

She moved to Colorado, with her family when she was seventeen, and it became her permanent home. After attending university, a pathway in modeling emerged and which later turned into a full-time career for Danica.

She has been modeling for over two years and is multi-published with numerous photographers, magazines, designers, artists, and other models around the country.

As a passionate athlete growing up, Danica’s love for sports continues to manifest itself in numerous hobbies such as snorkeling, video games, hiking, and cycling. She also has an enduring love for animals, particularly dogs.

These interests are a continuing influence to her and encourage her in her modeling career.

This is Danica’s first time in VOLO Magazine and she is thrilled to be part of the World of VOLO.