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Damien Elroy Vignaux

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Damien Elroy Vignaux

About Damien Elroy Vignaux

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Damien Elroy Vignaux is a Berlin-based French artist navigating through fashion and urban life in our midst.

A multi-talented director, designer and photographer, he is also an avid musician and a member of the electronic band ‘Oblast’.

His highly-praised personal visual style, and a predilection for female portraits led him to work for top International brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, EMI, Universal, MTV, Red Bull, Sunday Times, Warner and Air Canada.

His work is a crossover of traditional film photography technique and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills. Damiens love for experimentation often leads to singularly unique results, giving his projects a timeless feel, something that can never be repeated.”

Find his work at http://www.elroy.fr

Find him on Facebook  http://facebook.com/damienelroy