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Chanon Finley

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Chanon Finley

About Chanon Finley

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Chanon Finley is a born actress and model. As a native Los Angelino, she started her modeling career at an early age and worked professionally through high school and college where she received degrees from New York University and George Washington University.

She has appeared in hundreds of publications, commercials, films, and television shows. Chanon has been featured in gallery art shows, museums, and magazine covers.

Her work has been displayed internationally, in exhibits from the University of Toronto, Sicily, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the Houston Museum of Fine Art, to name a few.

She is a fitness and health fanatic, training in martial arts, aerial circus arts, and circular strength training.

Chanon lives on the edge, skydiving, bungee jumping, motorcycles and tactical shotgun classes are just a few of the adventures she has embarked on. Recently, Chanon has been pursuing her private pilot license for fixed winged aircraft.

If you can keep up long enough, you will find that Chanon is a loyal friend, a caring provider and a passionate teacher.

So buckle up and grab a Red Bull, because she isn’t stopping anytime soon.”

Find her on Instagram @CHAN0NWITHAC

Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/finleychanon

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