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Cam Attree

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Cam Attree

About Cam Attree

“Hi VOLO Readers!

This is the 5th time Cam Attree’s work is appearing on the pages of VOLO.

He was introduced to the VOLO world in issue 21 as featured photographer and was the cover photographer for VOLO 24. Since then we have been following his work with amazement.

Cam Attree started photography as a landscape and wildlife photographer, but soon realized how tough it was to make a living from that line of work.

In 2002 he first shot a nude woman – a college beauty who approached him. He spent the next few years working with models in his area and travelling models from other states in Australia but in 2008 Cam had the opportunity to work with an amazing model from the USA who was doing an Australian trip. Candace Nirvana was her name and she introduced Cam to an online community of photographers which changed his life.

He says ” Since then I have met and worked with so many truly astounding photographers and models from all parts of the world who keep me inspired to explore, create and refine my craft. I love the challenge of working with new models and extracting the potential I see in them by creating images which they didn’t think they were capable of producing. At the same time, I love being inspired by a professional art nude model who can create poses that I just didn’t even think were possible.”

Find  his work at camattree.photography

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VOLO 35 | VIDEO | Sylvia Anne in ‘Serenity Falls’ by Cam Attree

VOLO 35 | VIDEO | Sylvia Anne in ‘Serenity Falls’ by Cam Attree